Falling star   1 comment

Falling star

I can see, touch and sense this rift
Sailing from a shore to one adrift
I set beside this one quiet shore
I begged the people for some more

I watched the falling star on sky
It made me wish I’m one that flies
Thinking of future coming for sure
At last my feeling’s getting purer

The falling star has shiny trail
It shines so much, I see the tail
Mountain’s silent like starstruck
It made wish I had more that luck

I wish in life I had more of a luck
But yet, I don’t give much of a fuck
This world is here for me to be seen
Oh, whatever the hell that means

The falling star is up at the heavens
It’s slowing now, but again it fled on
It rised again now, making this mark
When it’s down, it’ll be getting dark

The falling star now has melted away
The dark will see the light in the day
I wish so much to be a star that flies
And when I fall to leave trail on skies


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

One response to “Falling star

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  1. много доброооо

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