End of Love   Leave a comment

End of Love

It’s over, I’m gonna step away
Things are done, whatever you say

I feel bad now, I’m torn apart
I loved you, but you broke my heart

You were the girl and the dove
You will be the one immortal beloved

It’s over, my heart is in pain
It hurts so much, I’m barely sane

Yes I knew it would end this way
I hope you are loved, oh my dear fay

I’m staring with silence and love
Oh, why couldn’t I, my loveable dove?

I gave up hatred, insanity, dope
I wanted to love you, much I hoped

I’m stepping now away and down
I’m putting a mask like faceless clown

I wish happiness and love at your side
In the future coming, you will shine eternal light


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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