Eulogy for a friend   Leave a comment

Eulogy for a friend

Glass has shattered on the floor
Like broken piece of heart
You didn’t open up the door
You struck in me a dart

You are calling me I’m twisted
You call me fucking crazy
I don’t wanna say at all this thing
You were friend and savior

If I come to look at you tomorrow
I’ll call you friend still
But you didn’t shed tear of sorrow
You were mate, I feel

I held you dear mate, do you feel?
I counted on you very much
My soul looked like a broken seal
But I didn’t feel your touch

Even though this has happened
I will still call you friend
You can think I am a saphead
I will love you till the end

I’ll cherish moments spent with you
You are great and lovely
I will never forget these days, too
I’ll thank you always


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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