I wish (After all)   Leave a comment

I wish (After all)

I wish happiness and love to all
Before comes this one last call
The future’s strong oh yes it is
After all we put up on the list

I wish to have my friends at side
As I am walking at what’s behind
My strengths speak for themselves
After all we put up on the shelves

I wish my family to stand at me
So we do can now all love to see
This is our time to make change
But it isn’t without any danger

I wish to be strong and healthy
And also to be fair and wealthy
So let’s all gather now together
And we all speak this forever

I wish you all to be very happy
No matter at all who’s your Daffy
And we all have time to gather
After all we must climb a ladder

I wish, oh how much I do wish
To be without any real leash
And people speak aloud for me
That it’s so great to live and see


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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