Lost souls   Leave a comment

Lost souls

Storm is hammering now the city
Two lost souls are missing
And after saving most the pity
They will be gently kissing

If you feel lonely and forgotten
Do not feel shame, too
You have to leave the bars open
So can someone love you

The lightnings are fizzling in night
They are showing a couple
Like two dogs for meat that fight
People’s souls are puzzles

These souls are lusting for love
Some are sad, some lonely
And like holding up white dove
Like you there’s one only

Rain has started now to pouring
Like souls who are shattered
But for one another they’re luring
Loving so much they patter

Storm is down, emptying the sky
Silver rays beam two souls
Together they started now to fly
Together they’re not alone


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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