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In this age of spiritual madness
Here I come again
I’m looking this infinite sadness
Now I’m born, friend

An age of glory and religious insanity
I’m looking with disgust
Commercials hanging round with vanity
I’m doing what I must

This is age of world globalization
All are now connected
But this brings a lot of alienation
As no one’s well respected

An age of wars, AIDS and famine
Politics are twirling life
I can’t be happy where I live in
But holding breath I dive

I hope to put my blood on table
I have to pay my wage
I’m scared for there are no labels
In this bloody fucking age

Yet, I’m bracing hope and strength
Oh, age I’m coming now
In this age I survive in passing length
Lord, I’m on my dao


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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