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Time is flying faster, so I do feel
Faster than train on railroad still
And so we change in time flown
This time we don’t fucking own

Scattered pieces of time we have
Like a soul there is scattered love
This time is ours and yet it’s not
We just don’t know what we got

It is time that push us forward
In time for victory we go onward
We have our lives that we hold
We dart in front in a way bold

Our lives seem scary and heavy
But in rebirth we hold ’em steady
We storm upward and we go fly
No matter how the time flies by

We’re having the time of our life
We do not swim, so we just dive
This time is in our hands to shape
The living life tastes like a grape

So gather your belongings, go on
And put your colours at the phon
We have the time to make change
The heaven’s up at closest range


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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