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We are a band

I’m here, I’m living, I breathe
You’re like me, you have to believe
I’m standing, I’m thinking, I’m feeling
You feel lonely, staring at ceiling

You’re here, you’re reaching the top
I’m behind to help you not flop
You’re my friend, you’re my mate
I’ll help you, whatever your fate

I’m leaving, I’m seeing, I’m pondering
You’re like me and you’re wondering
I’m looking, I’m loving, I’m keeping
You do what you do, quietly reading

You’re smiling, you’re breaking through
I’m nearby whatever the hell you do
You’re standing, you’re feeling the sun
I’m here. Yeah, I know it is fun

I’m taking, I’m saying, I’m holding
You are the winner and you’re unfolding
I’m reeling, I’m stopping, I’m falling
You are here and again you’re calling

You are faltering when times are severe
I’m helping hand and always be here
You’re invincible, you’re making a stand
And I’m with you so we are a band


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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