Emptiness   Leave a comment


I can feel this emptiness deep inside
Twisting like a big dark hole
I just don’t know what to leave behind
Speared like from long pole

I feel empty, lonely and so forgotten
My soul hurts like from knife
I don’t know what to do being so open
It’s not one knife, but five

My soul is blank, no matter the deeds
I can’t say so many things
I am just waiting to feel the future seed
Like poet to be God’s link

I do hold hope that I can fill the hole
I am still breathing, see
I will get out of my chest this big pole
And find the girl to meet

I am strong, poet musician, all of this
Whatever the past, friends
When I see her, I don’t want to miss
I will make it till the end

Emptiness and blankness are beginning
Like Nietzsche said it once
When I kneel to pray for His forgiving
He will give me Holy Lance


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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