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The shadows of the past are lurking
The demons foul have risen
The stench of blood might be murky
It is just the end of season

The past is present like endless wheel
Shadows forging soul and mind
You put a break like a breaking seal
Storming as you left behind

Shadows are gulfing and dispersing
You begin to understand
Looking now you might be cursing
You need a helping hand

Your fate and future are shadowed
Don’t know what’s outside
You feel like swimming in a paddle
You can’t see fucking light

You are uncertain, glancing ways
You see shadows and dark
You are wondering what you can say
You put a question mark

Stay assured that you will be fine
Future is there for you
I am sure of the upcoming times
Shining is what you do


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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