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Song of Nature

The sun is shining up at the sky
Dazzling rays singing songs
From every creature to smallest fly
Started too not after long

The ocean joins in this singing too
Crystal waves storming down
The salty water is really pretty cool
Every turn shaking ground

Birds are humming in the forest
They are joining in the peace
Sounding like a beautiful choral
Whistling too gentle breeze

Clouds encircled everything around
Storm is shaking Mother Earth
Pouring water makes whistling sound
All is here, there’s no dearth

Water slowly stopped from pouring
Clouds dissipate from sky
The nighttime song – oh, so luring
It’s raising now up and high

The nature’s song is nearing end
All have taken up their part
You were there and saw it friend
A song giving joy to heart


Posted юли 11, 2010 by elan morin tedronai

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